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Dimmer Racks are fitted with 63A Plugs.

Only our most popular adaptors are listed. We can supply adaptors for virtually any situation.

Code Description
BETA Betapack 6 x 2kw Channel Dimmer rack
ACT3 3x5kW Channel Dimmer Rack
TEMP Tempus: 6x2kW Channel Dimmer Rack
MINI Mini II 6 Channel Dimmer Rack
1563 15A Plug to 63A Socket
 1315 13A Plug to 15A Socket
1513 15A Plug to 13A Socket
155 15A Plug to 5A Socket
515 5A Plug to 15A Socket
10M13 10m 13A Extension Cable
4W13 13A Plug to 4 x 13A Sockets
3W15 15A Plug to 3 x 15A Sockets
3M15  3m 15A Extension Cable
5M15 5m 15A Extension Cable
10M15 10m 15A Extension Cable
20M15 10m 15A Extension Cable
LEC20 20M Lectriflex Extension Cable
LECPS Lectriflex to 6 x 15A Plugs
LECSS Lectriflex to 6 x 15A Sockets
1515S 15A Plug to 2 x 15A Sockets: Snapper Type
1515G 15A Plug to 2 x 15A Sockets:Grelco Type
1515  15A Plug to 2 x 15A Sockets: Splitter Type
MCORE 30m Multicore, 8 x 15A Circuits

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