Hire – Sound and Communications

We have a wide range of sound lead adaptors available. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Code Description
YAM Yamaha Reinforcement Mixer: 8:2+2
HARR Harrison 300W Mixer Amplifier: 6 Channels
PEAV Peavey Speaker 300W
SSTAN Speaker Stand
SPK5 XLR Loudspeaker Cable: 5m
SPK10 XLR Loudspeaker Cable: 10m
SPK20 XLR Loudspeaker Cable: 20m
SPK25 XLR Loudspeaker Cable: 25m
MM5 XLR Signal Cable: 5m
MM10 XLR Signal Cable: 10m
MM20 XLR Signal Cable: 20m
CUELX Cue Light System: Master Station, 6 outstations, 100m XLR cable
SCORE  30m Sound Multicore:16 send, 3 return
HEADS Headset Communication system  Headsets/Beltpacks/Power Supply

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