Hire – Lanterns & Accessories

All lanterns are fitted with 15A plugs and supplied with hook clamps, colour frames and safety chains.

 Code Description
P23 Pattern 23 500W Profile Spot
I23 Iris for Pattern 23
G23 Gobo Holder for Pattern 23
P123  Pattern 123 500W Fresnel Spot
123BD Barndoor for Pattern 123
P743 Pattern 743 1000W Fresnel Spot
743BD Barndoor for Pattern 743
HF Harmony 1000W Fresnel
HFBD  Barndoor for Harmony
P64B1K Black Par 64 Parcan: 1000W CP62 Lamp
P64B500 Black Par 64 Parcan: 500W CP88 Lamp
P64S500 Chrome Par 64 Parcan: CP88 Lamp
P64BD Barndoor for Par 64
P56 Par 56 300W Parcan
P36 Par 36 30W Parcan (Pinspot)
P60 Pattern 60 500W Flood
P137  Pattern 137 150W Flood
SUN5  500W Sunflood
SUN1  150W Sunflood
P764 Pattern 764 1000W Profile
IPREL  Iris for Prelude/Cantata/764
GPREL Gobo Holder for Prelude/Cantata/764

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