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 Message from Avon Drama (6 Feb 2012):

Calling all able mariners, “Spirits to enforce, art to enchant”


This Summer’s production for the Avon Association of Drama with be Shakespeare’s ‘The Tempest’ to be performed in the week beginning 8th/9th July in the Dairy Garden at Blaise Castle.


The purpose-built grass amphitheater at Blaise is a fantastic space in which to perform regardless if you’re experienced in or new to outdoor performance. The Tempest, one of Shakespeare’s later plays, is ripe for a creative interpretation, packed as it is with drama, comedy and magic.


We’re looking for actors of all ages for ALL roles, and creative (handy) types to help create the opening wild storm at sea (on grass!) and bring the magical island to life.

As I am hoping to make the production (particularly the storm) as physical as possible I am especially keen to hear from actors who are fit and (possibly even have some dance experience.) Please still come along even if, like me, you’d struggle with a forward roll these days. The play features characters that will require  more nuanced performances and the space requires good voice projection.


Traditionally The Tempest has only one named female character, Miranda, but I will be looking to include as many female actors for spirits including Ariel (or possibly even multiple Ariels) as possible.


In addition to those on stage, this will also be a production that will require a skilled crew of builders and decorators. If you have abilities in these areas I would like to get you on board before the rehearsal process starts.


We will be holding an initial meeting with read throughs of sections of the play on Sunday 12th February at 2pm in the Main Hall of the Bristol Folk House on Park Street (as it is a Sunday the front entrance on Park St will be closed so please come along up the rear steps on Upper Wells Street/Culver Street (near Avery’s wines). We will then hold a second meeting on 1st March and will confirm a venue for this ASAP. Rehearsals will start in ernest at the end of April after most groups’ spring productions are completed.


 An AAD performance is a chance to work with different talented people from the various groups in the area than you might otherwise have worked with, so please come along for a great experience, to make new friends and to represent the talent from your group.


I look forward to seeing you all.


Daniel Penfold (Director)


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